SOUL bar & bistro brings you the finest locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, with dishes expertly prepared by head chef gavin doyle. an extensive wine list complements our seasonal menu to make your next dining experience truly memorable.

punch drunk love / pink gin, strawberry, pineapple, apple, egg white $21

hey ms carter / tequila, marmalade, mandarin, grapefruit, mezcal, salt $22

members only / gin, raspberry, basil, “citrus” $21

shapeshifter / ginger vermouth, apple cordial, amaretto, rose $22

forbidden tipple / southern comfort, blue curaçao, “citrus”, almond $21

fresh perspective / limoncello, elderflower, lemon, mint, ginger beer $21

black cherry godfather / blended scotch, cherry, amaretto, lemon oil $24

make it a malfy

honey to the bee / malfy originale, plum, lemon, honey, anise atomizer $16

watermelon sugar high / malfy rosa, malibu watermelon, rhubarb, mandarin tonic $16

club tropicana / malfy originale, passionfruit, spiced almond, lemon $16

chocolate negroni / malfy originale, cacao nib campari, sweet vermouth $16

our classics

espresso martini / vanilla vodka, butterscotch, espresso $22

five o’clock on a friday / tequila, coconut, cointreau, chilli, lime $22

pornstar martini / vanilla vodka, pineapple, passionfruit, lime, bubbles $22

nothing with alcohol

un-american / italian orange, aperitif rosso, tonic, olive $17

passionstar martini / london dry, passionfruit, pineapple, egg white, bubbles $18

the virtuous one / pink dry, italian spritz, apple, light raspberry tonic $18

the sweetest thing / spiced cane spirit, strawberry, lychee, lemon, whites $18